What do we believe in?

No one knows African problems like an African. We think that the lives of many ordinary Africans can be improved using the benefits of technology, using African solutions to African problems – sometimes with a helping hand from others and mostly sharing ideas. We aim to bring those with problems and those with the ability to solve them together to share ideas for positive change.

How are we going to go about achieving our goals?

We achieve our goals by getting the worlds most inspired, dynamic, creative and innovative technologists & companies, from with in Africa and from outside it, to talk about their ideas, their solutions to problems and their hopes for the future. We want to help bring ideas that can bring positive change in Africa to market faster by creating a space for everyone who’s got an idea that needs to be heard, heard. Young African leaders needs visibility. Together we will bring positive change through conversation, exposure and inspiration.

What do we want from the Africa Gathering Movement?

* A Better Africa through information, communication and technology learning.
* Sustainable development in Africa.
* A real Support for Sustainable innovation in Africa
* Positive encouragement to the youth, women and men of Africa.
* Positive change where change is wanted and needed.
* More Africans to engage with African Current Affairs
* Genuine positive change from policy makers and change makers
* Become the missing link between Policy Makers, the grassroots and advocates of Change.

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