Edward Scotcher

Edward ScotcherCo-Founder

Ed is passionate about innovation and Africa, having first hand experience of how even simple technology can be used to improve people’s lives. He’s a strong proponent of education, development and change where it’s needed, but not where it’s not: the simple truth being that whilst Africa needs to solve Africa’s problems itself, we can all help if we have the experience, talent, skills, drive and the understanding to do so.

By day, Ed is an IT consultant in London, working as a Senior Agile Projects Manager for large media organisations – outside of work, he develops distance learning courses, writes articles on ICT and Africa and works to promote and facilitate ICT4D events.

Ed is aware that many of us have benefited from a free education and have lots of experience working with technology and accept it as part of our lives – but he’s also aware that some people have great ideas and not the experience or access to talent to realise them. There’s no immediate solution to this, but there are some things we can do, like get together and share our experiences and with open minds and a willingness to participate selflessly in the bigger picture take the chance to make things better.

Ed is married to International Maritime Law expert Nkeiru Joe, who knows more about under sea fibre-optics than is healthy for one human being. He lives in London.


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