Africa Gathering: Washington DC event Speakers Announced

We’re delighted to announce the speakers for the Gathering we’re holding in Washington DC this April.

A limited
number of tickets are still available

Speakers will include:

Friday Night Business Networking Event

    Stephen King
    Senior Director, Investments, Omidyar Network

    Bill Zimmerman
    Limbe Labs

    Tidjane Deme
    Google, Country Manager, Senegal

Saturday Gathering Event
Shawn Sarwar – VaxTrac
Jenny Stefanotti – Harvard University
Nii Simmonds – Wall Street without Walls
Danya Steele – Excited about Africa
Sean Coetzee – Woodsmoke
Molly Mattessich – Africa Rural Connect
Jepchumba – African Digital Art
Kit Cody – Rwanda ventures
Catherine Casey – Acumen Fund
Mike McKay – Baobab Health
Mariéme Jamme – Spot One Global Solutions
Josef Scarantino – African Tech Network
Teddy Ruge – Project diaspora

A limited number of tickets are still available

We hope to see you there!

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