2012 London Agenda

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Date: Friday June 15th 2012- 9am- 6.30pm
Time: 9am Ends 6.30pm
Location: 30 South Colonnade London E14 5EP
Price include FOOD and DRINKS
Curator : Marieme Jamme – Co-Founder of Africa Gathering
Moderators: Loren Treisman Indigo Trust Foundation , Google UK and Rory Cellan-Jones (Technology Correspondent BBC)
9.30-10.00 Networking- Welcome by the Africa Gathering Team and Thomson Reuters

Brainstorming GroupThink Sessions

10.00-12.00 GroupThinks/Brainstorming – Parallel sessions

  • 1.Indigo Part 1 GroupThink by Indigo Trust: Loren Treisman, William Perrin and Matthew O’reilly (Room 1)
  • 2.Leadership Group Think by David McQueen (Room 2)
  • 3.Marketing and New Media Group Think by Africa Gathering (Room 3)

12.00-13.30 Google Private Group Think with the (Hub Managers only)
This session is aimed at African hub Managers only.
“Social infrastructure for Technology and Entrepreneurship Leaders: a hands-on, deep dive session on connecting and empowering a dispersed network of stakeholders”
12.00-13.30 GroupThinks/Brainstorming – Parallel sessions

  • 1. Leadership Group Think (Room 2)
  • 2. Marketing and New Media Group Think (Room 3)

Group Think 1 (Under the Palaver Tree) Room 1
Hubs and Tech Spaces: Challenges and Opportunities

This session is aimed primarily at hub managers and founders, although others are welcome to attend. During this session we will cover issues such as the challenges and successes associated with providing support to both social change and commercial projects, as well as the multi-faceted task of helping incubate projects (including issues such as mentorship, access to markets and collaboration). In the final part of the session, we will look at the unique challenges associated with sustainability and finance. We will discuss issues such as business models, set up and running costs and what the hubs need and expect from funders. We very much hope that this will be a highly interactive and collaborative session with as much input from the hub managers and founders as possible.
Group Think 2 (Under the Palaver Tree) Room 2
Leadership: Visibility, Credibility and Profitability
This session will cover the key qualities needed for great leadership. It will consider everything from how you can increase your own and your organisation’s visibility, how you can build trust with others and how you can turn that trust into a healthy profit. After all, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”
Group Think 3 (Under the Palaver Tree) Room 3
Marketing and New Media
This session will cover your social media and marketing strategy. It will look at how to make the most of social media to find business opportunities and market your company.

13.30-14.30-Lunch Break

Village Chiefs and Storytellers Sessions

14.30-15.30 Part 2 Indigo Trust (Capacity 25 people)
Hubs and Tech Spaces: Challenges & Opportunities
This session will be a continuation of Indigo’s morning session and is aimed primarily at African Hub Managers, although others are welcome to attend subject to capacity.
14.30-15.30 – Untold African Stories + Play (Capacity All)
Storytellers Session 1:
Moderator: Google UK
Technology: People and Organisations
Technology is fundamental for Africa’s development. How have African companies or partners taken advantage of various technologies? So much is happening! Are there replicable lessons for other sectors?
15.30-15.45 World Bank Innovation Centre
15.45-16.00 Africa Progress Panel
16.00-16.10 Kelo Kebu (South Africa)
16.10-16.20 Franco Papeschi-World Wide Web Foundation (Amsterdam)
Short Break
Storytellers Session 2:
Moderator: Loren Treisman (Indigo Trust)
Information is food: plant the seeds, make them grow
This session will cover why it’s good to share information and connect with each another. We will demonstrate how to share more productively when our goals are common and how to get the most from our business relationships and networks in Africa.
16.30-16.40 Africa Gathering Journey so far with Indigo Trust
16.40-16.45 Michael Jenkins- Every1MobileLtd
16.45-17.05 Susan Kahumbu Stephanou Founder of iCow- Kenya
17.05-17.15 CNN (Inside Africa- Stephanie Busari)
Storytellers Session 3:
Moderators: Africa Gathering and Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC Technology correspondent)

Global Collaboration: Perspective, action, wisdom and learning

The Tech Hubs (Place of belonging) are growing fast in Africa and this could present their greatest challenge. The African Human Capital is hungry for information and ready to start businesses. We will examine how a framework can be put in place for them to organise, learn, share, get training and develop skills. What are the key barriers and is there any mechanism we need to put in place?

17.15-17.35 Key Note Remark – Juma Hamilton Otieno (Manager iHub Nairobi)
Open microphone to the Floor.
17.35-18.20  Conversation with the Hub Managers of Africa
Here the Hub Managers of Africa, and Donors will share how they are starting and building tech communities/spaces.

Focus talking points areas:

  • a) Are we there yet? How Africans and Donors are really trying to figure out how technology may impact development.
  • b) Now we have numerous Hubs, should we create Meta Hubs across Regions, countries, and continents?
  • c) How do we facilitate access to finance, mentorship and collaboration?
  • d) How can we disseminate information better between communities and tech Hubs in Africa?

Guests to debate these topics Include: Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC), Google, Indigo Trust, CNN, Tlcom, and Hub Managers.

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