Kathleen Bomani – Washington DC & Tanzania

Within the diverse intellectual palette that is Kathleen Bomani  lays first and foremost her commitment and love for her country, Tanzania. She has displayed this through her steadfast dedication to the promotion of justice, equality, and development within Tanzania. From an early age, it was apparent that Kathleen is not only a critical thinker, but has a natural ability to connect with people. She built upon this skill when she attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she pursued a BA in Corporate Communications (Public Relations).
While at Drexel, Kathleen was instrumental in bringing an innovative and sustainable technology project, Lathes for Africa, to Arusha, Tanzania. A wood-turning lathe; a simple machine that is created from scrap material and used to cut and shape wood. The wood-turning lathes provides citizens with a manufacturing technology that enables them to sell goods from renewable energy sources and local materials. Kathleen served as the project’s cultural advisor, local liaison and translated an instruction manual on building the lathes from English to Kiswahili. Since then, her achievements have come in a variety of channels, including her recent work in the 2008 US elections at CBS Radio Philadelphia, where as a political radio sales specialist, she oversaw a $35 Million advertising account for the Obama-Biden Presidential campaign.

Kathleen’s interests lie in music – enthusiastically pursuing becoming a full-fledge DJ, Africana Studies, Photography, Pop Art, and the emerging Fashion Industry in Africa –  Though she is undoubtedly a woman of many talents, ultimately, she is eagerly engaged with the arts renaissance that is sweeping through the African continent. Kathleen is constantly working towards creating forums of free discussion, creativity and engaging and active thinking, expressed through her philosophy of collaboration and the belief in the power of ideas and most recently through TEDxDar of which she is event curator.

Kathleen considers herself a Cultural curator, a connector and a Communist : )

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